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**** NB: Change of Banking Details for EFT topups ****
Please note that from 30 June 2017 any deposits made into the old account will not be redeemed against your PIN/Account.
Ensure that you do not lose money by downloading our new banking details and then use this account only.
Please click here to complete the form to instantly get our new banking details. Thankyou.

Recharge your PIN



Unfortunately, due to the extreme amount of online fraud we have experienced, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer instant online recharging of existing PINs.

However, this doesnt mean you cant still recharge your PIN. What you now need to do is make an EFT into our bank account using your PIN as reference, and we'll topup that PIN for you for the relevent amount.

To get our bank details, please complete the form on the right and you'll be sent them ASAP.

NB: Please note that the bank charges cash deposit fees so should you choose to pay by cash deposit, the amounts below (which we are charged by the bank), will be deducted from the credit we add to your PIN:
R25 + R50 cash deposits: R8
R100 cash deposits: R9
R200 cash deposits: R10
To avoid these fees, please pay by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)


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