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**** NB: Banking information for topups ****
Please note that from 30 June 2017 any deposits made into the old account will not be redeemed against your PIN/Account.

Ensure that you do not lose money by downloading our new banking details and then use this account only.
Please click here to complete the form to instantly get our new banking details. Thankyou.

Due to exorbitant cash deposit fees from ABSA, cash deposits will no longer be accepted for topups as they often cost more than the amount deposited.
Only EFT payments will be accepted as of 25 September 2017

Best Value Rates

NB: Calls are billed per minute.

Country Card Rate
Afghanistan – Fixed R4.91
Afghanistan – Mobile All R4.46
Albania – Fixed ALBTEL R2.68
Albania – Fixed AMC R2.95
Albania – Fixed Tirana R2.94
Albania – Mobile All R7.06
Algeria – Fixed R1.40
Algeria – Mobile All R7.02
American Samoa R0.52
Andorra – Fixed R0.45
Andorra – Mobile R3.76
Angola Mobile All R3.60
Angola – Fixed R1.58
Anguilla – Fixed R2.16
Anguilla – Mobile All R4.17
Antigua and Barbuda – Fixed R3.06
Antigua and Barbuda – Mobile All R5.18
Argentina – Fixed All R0.44
Argentina – Mobile R2.11
Armenia – Mobile R4.03
Aruba Mobile All R4.51
Aruba – Fixed R1.92
Australia – Fixed R0.35
Australia – Mobile All R1.35
Australia Satellite All R0.42
Australia Satellite – Fixed Telstra R0.42
Austria – Mobile All R0.38
Azerbaijan All Mobile R7.15
Azerbaijan – Fixed R4.79
Bahamas – Mobile -All R1.71
Bahamas Fixed R1.57
Bahrain Mobile All R1.55
Bahrain – Fixed R0.97
Bahrain – Fixed Wimax MENA R1.09
Bangladesh – Fixed R0.80
Bangladesh – Mobile All R0.80
Barbados – Fixed R3.02
Barbados – Mobile All R5.31
Belgium – Fixed R0.33
Belgium – Mobile All R0.54
Belgium – Universal Access Number R0.43
Benin – Fixed R5.34
Benin – Mobile Bell Benin R4.61
Bhutan – Fixed R1.31
Bhutan – Mobile All R1.30
Bolivia – Fixed R2.43
Bolivia – Mobile All R3.78
Botswana – Fixed R1.17
Botswana – Mobile All R3.99
Brazil Mobile R0.62
Brazil – Fixed R0.38
Brunei – Fixed R0.37
Brunei – Mobile R0.72
Bulgaria Fixed R0.52
Bulgaria – Mobility services R7.91
Burkina Faso – Fixed R4.77
Burkina Faso – Mobile All R7.00
Burundi – Fixed R9.22
Burundi – Mobile R9.76
Cambodia – Fixed R1.18
Cambodia – Mobile R1.14
Cameroon – Fixed R2.85
Cameroon – Mobile MTN R6.69
Canada Fixed R0.14
Cape Verde – Fixed R3.58
Cape Verde – Mobile R5.80
Cayman Islands Mobile R3.80
Cayman Islands – Fixed R1.82
Central African Republic – Fixed R6.15
Central African Republic – Mobile R6.23
Central African Republic – Mobile TELCEL R10.10
Chad – Fixed R5.48
Chad – Mobile R6.25
Chad – Mobile Millicom R9.69
Chile – Fixed R0.53
Chile – Mobile R0.43
Chile – Rural R0.66
China Mobile R0.24
China – Fixed R0.24
Colombia – Fixed R0.63
Colombia – LEX R1.11
Colombia – Mobile R1.41
Congo Mobile All R10.34
Congo – Fixed R9.47
Cook – Fixed R14.61
Cook – Mobile R13.76
Costa Rica – Fixed R0.32
Costa Rica – Mobile R1.14
Croatia Mobile R2.27
Croatia – Fixed R0.38
Cuba – Fixed R16.81
Cuba – Mobile R16.43
Cyprus – Fixed R0.21
Cyprus – Mobile R0.38
Czech Republic – Fixed R0.46
Czech Republic – Mobile CZETEL R0.47
Denmark Mobile R0.50
Denmark – Fixed R0.21
Djibouti – Fixed R7.57
Djibouti – Mobile R7.61
Dominica Fixed R2.26
Dominica Mobile R4.70
Dominican Republic – Fixed R0.54
Dominican Republic – Mobile Orange R1.73
DR of Congo – Fixed R5.68
DR of Congo – Mobile Celtel R5.65
East Timor – Fixed R11.05
East Timor – Mobile R9.76
Ecuador – Fixed R2.26
Ecuador – Mobile R4.39
Egypt – Fixed R1.96
Egypt – Mobile R2.43
El Salvador – Fixed R2.70
El Salvador – Mobile R3.78
El Salvador – Mobile Claro R3.33
Equatorial Guinea – Fixed R3.88
Equatorial Guinea – Mobile R3.47
Eritrea – Fixed R5.45
Eritrea – Mobile R5.41
Estonia – Fixed R0.48
Estonia – Mobility Services R7.12
Faeroe – Fixed R1.23
Faeroe – Mobile R2.77
Falkland Islands – Fixed R11.68
Falkland Islands – Mobile R11.69
Fiji – Fixed R4.13
Fiji – Mobile R4.09
Finland Mobile R0.60
Finland – Fixed R0.68
Finland – Personal Numbering R1.45
France – Fixed R0.14
France – Mobile Bouygues R0.47
French Guiana – Fixed R0.26
French Guiana – Mobile Digicel R0.45
French Polynesia – Fixed R4.03
French Polynesia – Mobile R6.29
Gabon – Fixed R8.43
Gabon – Mobile R9.79
Georgia – Fixed R0.85
Georgia – Mobile Geocell R1.76
Germany – Fixed R0.25
Germany – IP Phone R0.23
Germany – Mobile Eplus R1.81
Ghana – Fixed R4.09
Ghana – Mobile R2.60
Gibraltar – Fixed R0.73
Gibraltar – Mobile R4.24
Greece – Fixed R0.24
Greece – Mobile Cosmote R0.49
Greenland – Fixed R7.73
Greenland – Mobile R11.65
Grenada – Fixed R3.18
Grenada – Mobile Digicel R4.92
Guadeloupe – Fixed R0.20
Guadeloupe – Mobile Digicel R0.49
Guatemala – Fixed R1.59
Guatemala – Mobile R2.69
Guinea-Bissau – Fixed R6.97
Guinea-Bissau – Mobile MTN R7.71
Guyana – Fixed R4.59
Guyana – Mobile Digicel R1.92
Guyana – Mobile Others R5.80
Haiti – Fixed R6.02
Haiti – Mobile Digicel R5.92
Honduras – Fixed R2.05
Honduras – Mobile R2.56
Hong Kong – Fixed R0.33
Hong Kong – Mobile CSL R0.47
Hungary – Fixed R0.22
Hungary – Mobile R0.64
Iceland – Fixed R0.35
Iceland – Mobile Others R1.38
India Mobile R0.35
India – Fixed R0.36
Indonesia Mobile R1.38
Indonesia – Fixed R1.30
Iran – Fixed R1.12
Iran – Mobile R1.37
Iraq – Fixed R2.59
Iraq – Mobile Asia Cell R4.83
Ireland – Fixed R0.21
Ireland – Mobile R0.55
Israel Mobile R0.52
Israel – Fixed R0.24
Israel – Fixed Palestine R3.54
Israel – Mobile Palestine R3.61
Italy – Fixed R0.21
Italy – Mobile Elsacom R0.78
Ivory Coast Mobile R2.81
Ivory Coast – Fixed R4.92
Jamaica – Fixed R2.11
Jamaica – Mobile CW R4.85
Japan – Fixed R0.59
Japan – Mobile R1.44
Jordan – Fixed R1.82
Jordan – Mobile Fastlink R2.29
Kazakhstan – Fixed R0.35
Kazakhstan – Mobile R1.27
Kenya – Fixed R2.62
Kenya – Mobile CELTEL R1.14
Kuwait – Fixed R0.76
Kuwait – Mobile R0.81
Kyrgyzstan – Fixed R2.94
Kyrgyzstan – Mobile R2.44
Laos – Fixed R0.93
Laos – Mobile R0.92
Latvia – Fixed R0.51
Latvia – Mobile Baltija R0.67
Latvia – Mobile CAMEL R2.09
Lebanon – Fixed R2.01
Lebanon – Mobile R3.96
Lesotho – Fixed R4.04
Lesotho – Mobile ECONET R3.66
Liberia – Fixed R8.22
Liberia – Mobile R4.60
Libya – Fixed R4.88
Libya – Mobile R6.28
Liechtenstein – Fixed R1.66
Liechtenstein – Mobile R3.49
Liechtenstein – Mobility Services R1.83
Liechtenstein – Voice Mail R3.89
Lithuania – Fixed R0.34
Lithuania – Mobile BITE R0.48
Luxemburg – Fixed R0.31
Luxemburg – Mobile LUX Gsm R2.96
Macao – Fixed R1.24
Macao – Mobile R1.24
Macedonia – Fixed R2.62
Macedonia – Mobile Cosmofon R9.13
Madagascar – Fixed R13.66
Madagascar – Mobile R13.60
Malawi – Fixed R3.02
Malawi – Mobile R3.81
Malaysia – Fixed R0.30
Malaysia – Mobile Celcom R0.41
Maldives Mobile R18.02
Maldives – Fixed R16.94
Mali – Fixed R4.73
Mali – Mobile Ikatel R7.43
Malta Mobile R0.98
Malta – Fixed R0.30
Marshall Islands R5.34
Martinique – Fixed R0.20
Martinique – Mobile Digicel R0.44
Mauritania R9.86
Mauritania Mobile R9.55
Mauritius Mobile R1.73
Mauritius – Fixed R1.74
Mayotte – Fixed R0.86
Mayotte – Mobile R1.27
Mexico – Fixed R0.18
Mexico – Mobile R0.99
Moldova Mobile R5.98
Moldova – Fixed R4.30
Monaco – Fixed R1.65
Monaco – Mobile R7.70
Mongolia – Fixed R0.74
Mongolia – Mobile R0.70
Montenegro – Fixed R2.93
Montenegro – Mobile R7.84
Montserrat – Fixed R5.57
Montserrat – Mobile R5.48
Morocco – Fixed R0.46
Mozambique – Fixed R1.22
Mozambique – Mobile Others R2.26
Mozambique – Mobile Vodacom R5.10
Myanmar – Fixed R5.43
Myanmar – Mobile R3.27
Namibia – Fixed R1.11
Namibia – Mobile R2.09
Nepal – Fixed R2.30
Nepal – Mobile R2.29
Netherlands – Fixed R0.20
Netherlands – Mobil R0.79
Netherlands – Mobile Others R2.46
Netherlands – Mobile Vodafone R0.79
Netherlands Antilles – Fixed R1.01
Netherlands Antilles – Mobile R2.59
New Zealand Mobile R0.97
New Zealand – Fixed R0.27
Nicaragua Mobile R5.57
Nicaragua – Fixed R2.94
Niger – Fixed R6.85
Niger – Mobile R7.32
Nigeria – Fixed R1.35
Nigeria – Mobile Celtel R1.35
North Korea R11.34
Norway Mobile R0.88
Norway – Fixed R0.28
Oman – Fixed R2.36
Oman – Mobile R5.68
Pakistan – Fixed R2.46
Pakistan – Mobile R2.43
Palestine – Fixed R3.54
Palestine – Mobile R3.98
Panama – Fixed R0.67
Panama – Mobile R2.80
Papua New Guinea – Fixed R10.08
Papua New Guinea – Mobile R8.96
Paraguay – Fixed R0.75
Paraguay – Mobile R0.89
Peru – Fixed R0.32
Peru – Mobile R1.51
Peru – Mobile Telefonica R1.09
Peru – Rural R0.46
Philippines Mobile R2.80
Philippines – Fixed R2.40
Poland – Fixed R0.36
Poland – Mobile Centernet R0.49
Portugal Fixed R0.16
Portugal – Mobile Optimus R0.55
Puerto Rico R0.21
Qatar – Fixed R3.45
Qatar – Mobile R4.03
Reunion Mobile R1.05
Reunion – Fixed R0.30
Romania – Fixed R0.11
Romania – Mobile COSMOT R1.21
Russia – Abkhazia R2.66
Russia – Far Zone R0.60
Russia – Fixed R0.89
Russia – Fixed 1 R0.45
Russia – Mobile R1.03
Russia – Mobile Abkhazia R4.13
Russia – Mobile Global R4.07
Rwanda – Fixed R6.23
Rwanda – Fixed MTN R6.80
Saint Kitts and Nevis Mobile R5.39
Saint Kitts and Nevis – Fixed R2.76
Saint Lucia Mobile R5.34
Saint Lucia – Fixed R3.13
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Mobile R5.34
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Fixed R3.26
Saipan R0.57
San Marino Mobile R2.98
San Marino – Fixed R0.49
Saudi Arabia Mobile R2.75
Saudi Arabia – Fixed R1.87
Senegal Mobile R7.38
Senegal – Fixed R3.91
Senegal – Fixed Expresso R9.11
Serbia Mobile R8.42
Serbia – Fixed R2.86
Serbia – Fixed Orion R4.62
Seychelles Fixed R8.50
Seychelles – Mobil R8.50
Seychelles – Mobile Airtel R8.50
Singapore Mobile R0.21
Singapore – Fixed R0.23
Slovakia Mobile R2.26
Slovakia – Fixed R0.36
Slovenia – Fixed R0.40
Slovenia – Fixed IPKO R9.81
Slovenia – Mobile IPKO R9.50
Slovenia – Mobile Others R1.36
Solomon Islands – Fixed R19.14
Solomon Islands – Mobile R11.58
South Africa Mobile R1.19
South Africa – Fixed R0.48
South Korea – Fixed R0.23
South Korea – Mobile R0.44
Spain Mobile R0.45
Spain – Fixed R0.24
Sri Lanka Mobile R2.60
Sri Lanka – Fixed R2.65
St Pierre & Miquelon – Fixed R4.13
St Pierre & Miquelon – Mobile R5.09
Suriname Fixed R2.78
Suriname Mobile R5.00
Swaziland – Fixed R0.71
Swaziland – Mobile R3.23
Sweden Mobile R0.48
Sweden – Fixed R0.17
Switzerland Mobile R1.42
Switzerland – Fixed R0.30
Syria – Fixed R2.21
Syria – Mobile R3.40
Taiwan Mobile R2.21
Taiwan – Fixed R0.31
Tajikistan – Fixed R2.91
Tajikistan – Mobile R3.10
Tanzania – Fixed R7.24
Tanzania – Mobile Celtza R7.17
Thailand – Fixed R0.33
Thailand – Mobile R0.30
Togo – Fixed R7.63
Togo – Mobile ATL R8.91
Tonga – Fixed R8.81
Tonga – Mobile R8.67
Trinidad & Tobago – Fixed R1.24
Trinidad and Tobago – Mobile Digicel R4.08
Tunisia – Fixed R8.99
Tunisia – Mobile R9.37
Turkey Mobile R3.13
Turkey – 444 Services R0.90
Turkey – Fixed R0.84
Turkmenistan – Fixed R2.32
Turkmenistan – Mobile R2.30
Turks and Caicos – Fixed R2.51
Turks and Caicos – Mobile R5.22
Ukraine Mobile R4.41
Ukraine – Fixed R2.53
United Arab Emirates Mobile R3.26
United Arab Emirates – Fixed R3.28
United Kingdom – Fixed R0.25
United KIngdom – Mobile Alternative R1.01
United Kingdom – Mobile H3G, Lyca, O2, Orange, Tmobile, Vodafone R0.50
United Kingdom – Mobile Others R3.63
United Kingdom – Mobile Tismi R0.77
United Kingdom – National Calls R3.78
United States R0.14
United States – 800 R0.10
United States – Fixed Alaska R0.75
United States – Fixed Hawaii R0.25
United States Virgin Islands R0.33
Uruguay – Fixed R0.92
Uruguay – Mobile R3.47
Uzbekistan – Fixed R1.27
Uzbekistan – Mobile R1.31
Vanuatu – Fixed R9.47
Vanuatu – Mobile R9.14
Venezuela – Fixed R0.14
Venezuela – Mobile R0.66
Viet Nam – Fixed R1.71
Viet Nam – Mobile Others R1.65
Wallis and Futuna – Fixed R7.08
Wallis and Futuna – Mobile R7.52
Western Samoa – Fixed R12.39
Western Samoa – Mobile R12.49
Yemen – Mobile R3.38
Zambia Mobile R2.82
Zambia – Fixed R1.54
Zimbabwe – Fixed R2.18
Zimbabwe – Mobile Econet R10.38
Zimbabwe – Mobile Netone R4.01
Zimbabwe – Mobile Others R9.09

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