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**** NB: Banking information for topups ****
Please note that from 30 June 2017 any deposits made into the old account will not be redeemed against your PIN/Account.

Ensure that you do not lose money by downloading our new banking details and then use this account only.
Please click here to complete the form to instantly get our new banking details. Thankyou.

Due to exorbitant cash deposit fees from ABSA, cash deposits will no longer be accepted for topups as they often cost more than the amount deposited.
Only EFT payments will be accepted as of 25 September 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a prepaid card?
With a WorldChat prepaid Calling Card you have the ability to dial a local number to our gateway, and from there we route  your call over the internet to the destination required.

Is there a connection charge?
We do not charge a connection fee. However when dialing your gateway you are subjected to the “local charge” imposed by your service provider. In South Africa this is currently a flat fee of 63c/min (inc VAT) in peak times to call any other Telkom number in SA. You will be charged this fee when calling our 0861 number.
This charge will appear on your normal telephone bill and is charged for the duration of your call.You may also use free bundled Closer minutes which means your call to 0861 number is FREE so no nasty surprises!

Why should I buy a phone card from WorldChat?
WorldChat offers high quality international calling at very competitive rates so that you can contact your loved ones without worrying about running up your phonebill. With Worldchat you always know how much credit you have available.

How do I use my WorldChat Calling Card?
Please see "How to Use Your Card"

I cannot connect to the best value number in my country?
Please check your phone keypad or try calling from a different phone. We have had a number if issues where users are unable to connect to their local gateway – and have discovered there was a problem with the actual keypad.

What dialing format should I use?
00 + Country code + local dialling code (with initial 0 generally dropped ) + phone number
So if calling a UK number (London Landline) the dialling format for this number would be:
00 44 207 1003688 (spaces are for indication purposes only)

My PIN won't authenticate?
This is more than likely due to card expiration. Please note all cards expire within 90 days of initial use. R200 cards will expire 180 days after intial use.
A trick: to add another 90 days credit to your expired card & have access to your expired airtime, recharge online. Even by recharging with the smallest denomination (R25 for which you'll only pay R22.50) you will get access to your expired credit as well as the extra credit you have recharged by!

Can I use Worldchat to dial Landline & Mobile numbers in SA?
Yes, technically speaking you can do so but the card is not really designed to do this unless you are using your Worldchat card from outside of South Africa.

What is the difference between Skype & WorldChat?
With Skype one of the parties (the caller) needs to have an internet connection. This eliminates a large portion of the SA population who do not have computers or an internet connection, as well as tourists who generally do not bring computers on holiday with them. With WorldChat no computer or internet connection is required. You simply pick up a normal landline phone, dial the local number and then dial out internationally from there.

I've never used a credit card online before. Is it safe?
WORLDCHAT uses an industry security standard called SSL to encrypt your order between your computer and our website and verify that any personal information is not redirected. Thousands of Internet based transactions are secured every day by this technology. For your protection and ours, we also employ a state-of-the-art fraud-detection system that minimizes the likelihood that your credit card will be fraudulently used.

My credit card could not be verified but I am certain it is a valid card. What could be the problem?
WORLDCHAT takes utmost care about preventing fraudulent credit card transactions. If your credit card was declined, it may be one of several things:
1) The information that you have entered might not be verifiable. Please verify that you are entering your billing address correctly.
2) You might have reached the credit limit of your credit card. Please use a different credit card or topup online

If someone else finds my account information, can they use it to buy more Calling Cards?
Your account cannot be reused without your authorization, we will always ask for your password. So keep your account password safe.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
To retrieve your password, please e-mail: info@worldchat.co.za with your PIN and the e-mail address you use to login to Worldchat & we will send you your password to that e-mail address.

What rates will I pay in different countries?
You will always pay the same rate for your currency no matter which country you use your airtime in eg: if it costs (Euro) 5c to call South Africa from Germany, if you travel to Spain, Switzerland, Australia and you call South Africa using your Worldchat card, you will still pay 5c
When I purchase a Calling Card online, how do I receive the PIN number?
You should receive the PIN instantly via email.
How soon will I be able to use the card after I purchase it?
You will be able to make calls immediately once you received the PIN number.
How many minutes does each denomination provide?
The number of minutes available is determined based on the rate to the country you are calling. So, each time you use your Calling Card to place a call, the number of minutes available for that particular call will be calculated by our system and will be announced to you before the call connects.

How can I pay for the Calling Cards that I want to purchase?

Can I purchase your Calling Cards over the phone?
No. You can only purchase our Calling Cards on our website or from one of our many stockists.

How long will it take to receive my Calling Card?
You will receive your PIN instantly. However, if you need to verify your details with us, your documentation will need to be sent through in order to activate your airtime. Once you have verified, recharges will be instant.
Will I receive periodic bills?
This is a Prepaid Calling Card service. You will pay in advance so you will never receive a bill. However you can login and check your call history and usage on our website.

Can I transfer the balance on my Calling Card?
No. You can't transfer any remaining balance on your Calling Card.
However if your pin has expired you are able to add another 90 days credit to your expired card & have access to your expired airtime by recharging online. Even by recharging with the smallest denomination (R25 for which you'll only pay R22.50) you will get access to your expired credit as well as the extra credit you have recharged by!
In what denominations are your Calling Cards available?
R25, R50, R100, R200
Where can I use my Worldchat airtime?
You can use your Worldchat airtime in any country in which we supply service. Click here to see countries and access numbers
When I purchase a Calling Card online, will I receive the actual Calling Card in the mail?
No. We do not send actual Calling Cards to you. All information is e-mailed to you.

Can I get refund or replacement for lost, stolen or expired PINs or for unauthorized use?
Prepaid Calling Cards PINs are non-refundable. No refund or replacement is provided for lost, stolen or expired PINs or for unauthorized use. For inaccurate billing or missing minutes on your card, you need to e-mail: info@worldchat.co.za

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